How to Create the Perfect Floor Plan

Collaborating with Professionals to Bring Your Vision to Life

Having the right team of professionals on board to help you visualize your space is crucial in creating the perfect floor plan. Iris has vetted architects, interior designers, and engineers ready to thoroughly evaluate your functional needs and business operations.

Ensuring Aesthetics

Do you want a wide open entry? Are you looking for cozy working corners for team collaboration? When designing a new space be sure to stay true to your brand. It will help to enhance customer experience and leave a positive impression. Maintain a clean and organized space and consider colors, logos, and lighting to welcome guests into an inviting atmosphere.

Determining Overall Needs

Do you entertain clients? How many employees do you have and what is your average occupancy on a typical day? Make sure you are allotting sufficient space for all of your day to day needs so that your layout is not too congested

Optimize Efficiency

Energy efficient systems and appliances are a simple upgrade to an existing facility and a given when designing a new space.
If looking at new rental opportunities consider taking two units and converting to one large one.

The Flow of Your Space

  • Consider how people will move through and identify primary entry/exit points
  • Determine how furniture, equipment, and/or displays will be set up
  • Analyze your space usage, choose furniture, and maximizing storage space
  • Consider multi-functional spaces or opt for modular/mobile furniture to easily reconfigure and accommodate charging needs

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